1. TENGA Cannon Robot Has An OnaCup Boner

    TENGA Cannon Robot Has An OnaCup Boner

    Japanese model kits are some of the easiest and coolest looking models available. For many hobbyist, once you've mastered building and painting these things, modding them is the next logical step. For one Japanese hobbyist, he tackled the challenge of modding a TENGA Deep Throat Cup and a robot with amazing results and a TENGA onacup boner? Check out the TENGA rocket/cannon robot pictures TENGA Model Robot 01 TENGA Model Robot 02 TENGA Model Robot 03 TENGA Mod

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  2. The Future Is Here

    The Future Is Here

    As technology advances, the stuff from Sci-Fi movies are becoming more of a reality in our daily live. CeBIT Trade Fair is apparently the largest international computer show with companies showing off their latest products and techs. In comes German developer Tobit Software with their two programming robot strippers for the show. Each robot can be controlled by a smartphone to dance in different position with different lighting. While the robots designed by British artist Giles Walker, looks like it belongs in the PC game world of Mass Effect, they should totally slap some silicone skin on these for mass production. The Future Is Here Robot Strippers Someone needs to get on that so that we can get them on ToyDemon!

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  3. TYSO: Robot Lookout During Masturbation

    TYSO: Robot Lookout During Masturbation

    This video from the ONION is obviously a fake meant to be funny but at least a few out there wished you had something like it in the past. Let's see how true this is in the future. "In a few years you'll forget what it was like to masturbate without a small robot patrolling your house." "cough cough" "ahem" "yawn" Steel Quills! video via the ONION on YouTube

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  4. SHIRI: Artificial Robotic Ass

    SHIRI: Artificial Robotic Ass

    We are ready for our robot overlord who will come in the form of super hot humans... That day may not be as far away as you think. Check this SHIRI video out. Robo Ass with soft skin and artificial butt cheek muscles. Jump to 2:37 to see the guy creepily harass it then smack it like everyone does when they get their first hip toy.(We know you do it because we do it too) Thanks to geevee at our forum for showing this to us.

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  5. Falling In Love With Your Toys

    Falling In Love With Your Toys

    Growing up many of us had toys that we fell in love with at one time or another. As technology advances, "toys" has become more complicated and are not just for kids anymore. Our shop is a perfect example of these wonderful new toys that never existed a decade or two ago. But how far would you love your toys as an adult? Would you marry it? For the follow rare individuals, their answer were different from the norm. Mr. Everard Cunion hails from Dorset, UK. At one point in his life, he decided to buy a life-like doll for £5,000. A price that usually turns away even the most dedicated adult toy enthusiast. Mr. Cunion however loved the first doll so much that he purchased additional dolls later and ultimately marrying one of his doll. It is said that Mr. Cunion now owns nine dolls in total and we can only assume he is currently a happy happy man.

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