1. BJ Offered As Tip For Waiter (NSFWish)

    BJ Offered As Tip For Waiter (NSFWish)

    Waiting tables here in the USA can be tough. Most depend on their tip for the entirety of their income. A recent video has been making its rounds online about one (lucky?) waiter at what looks like a diner and his tip. This tip came in the form of an offer for BJ which he gladly accepted in the video above. The video has been censored for language and to block the identity of the female in the video so it's only NSFWish. That must have been some service the waiter gave.

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  2. Overview: Superb Fella 2

    Overview: Superb Fella 2
    Superb Fella 2, the second coming of the highly popular Superb Fella from A-One Japan has recently been released. Here at ToyDemon we have had many request for oral toys and we worked hard on getting these in as soon as it was released in Japan. Every oral toy has a different experience and when it comes to the design and built of the toy. This time around A-One has designed a much different oral toy with a smaller entrance opening and a new dual layer interior with a more defined tongue structure, the Superb Fella 2 has created a whole new experience for the users which o
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