meiki plush doll

  1. Best Sex Toy Gift For Valentines Day

    Best Sex Toy Gift For Valentines Day

    ToyDemon wishes everyone a great Valentine's Day weekend. If you have a partner in crime, this is the time to show him/her your appreciation with a special gift or gifts from the heart. The "go-to" gifts for Valentine's Day are of course flowers and chocolates. Sometimes the best and most thrilling gifts are things he/she wouldn't necessarily buy for himself/herself. This is particularly true, when that gift is a sex toy. Regardless if your partner is too shy to or quite curious about sex toys, there will be something for everyone. Sex toys are really a win-win situation for everyone. However you must get the right toys for the right person. Someone shy about sex toys should get something small without a high learning curve that may turn off your partner. For example, don't get a giant monster dildo for your shy female partner just as you don't get a love doll for your shy male partner. You know what your partner likes so being thoughtful about sex toys is just as important. There a

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  2. Meiki Plush Makes A Great Art Piece

    Meiki Plush Makes A Great Art Piece

    Alexandra Bircken is a German artist that makes really cool art using everything from Aprilia Motorcycle to wood and textile. When she turn her attention to the Meiki Plush Doll and transformed it into one of her art piece, we were blown away with how cool it looked. Here are some pictures of the Meiki Plush at her exhibitions. Meiki Plush Makes Great Art Back Meiki Plush Makes Great Art Exhibit Berlin Meiki Plush Makes Great Art Museum Bojimans Van Beuningen She does some really great thing with many

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  3. ToyDemon's Best Of 2013

    ToyDemon's Best Of 2013

    The weather is finally starting to get warm outside ToyDemon's office and for the first time this year, winter seems to be behind us. As we look back on all the items we've added over the last year (there was quite a lot of them), we decided to try ranking them. Since we always have people asking us what we think, here's the ToyDemon staff pick for the best of 2013. Best Masturbator of 2013 Top two was a no brainer. Some of our customers have always love body shape onaholes and we've had plenty come through ToyDemon. However most of them never quite matched up in terms of sensation. That is until Julia + showed up.

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  4. Video Review: Meiki® Plush Doll

    Video Review: Meiki® Plush Doll

    Meiki Plush Doll Review By Triple X Branded

    It's not very often that I receive a toy for a review and become lost for words. I have done some reviews on some pretty weird and crazy sex toys but nothing quite like this. When I first opened the box that my Meiki Plush Doll came in, I gasped. This was largely due to the fact that I had no idea how I was going to do a review on something that simply had so much going for it. However, I pulled up my boot straps and buckled in for what I knew would be my longest video review ever! Still, even now I'm seeing new possibilities. This will not be the last time you hear about or see my Meiki Plush me. I have some plans and
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  5. Sex Dolls in Today's Market

    Sex Dolls in Today's Market

    When speaking of sex dolls, for as long as we can remember ever since we were a bunch of naughty teenagers is that blondie blow-up doll with a "O" shape mouth which can be used for oral sex. We can only say that most of us buy these for our buddies as a gag gift on special occasions and they do give us good laugh. But over the past decade the adult industry in Asia have been improving so much in the this category and all together the doll industry now is a different beast. The dolls today are more realistic than ever and are designed and built to be very functional in terms of satisfying the user. So just what are some different types of dolls in the market? Well, depending on what one's willing to shelf out of their wallet, there are dolls on the market today ranging from the economy insert-able air doll with sexy poses to torso figured pillow dolls and then to of course the ultra expensive yet unimaginable realistic love dolls. As we have heard stories of people collecting over

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