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  1. ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: HEPS Fantastic "Updated With Winner"

    ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: HEPS Fantastic "Updated With Winner"

    It's time for another ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway!!! This week we are giving away a newly arrived toy. By newly arrived, we mean it literally just got to our office this morning!! No one other than ToyDemon carries this product right now in the US. So the giveaway for this week is:

    HEPS Fantastic!!

    You can read more about it from our overview. Or purchase it here from ToyDemon.com. Again, to enter the giveaway: -
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  2. Overview: HEPS Fantastic System

    Overview: HEPS Fantastic System

    [gallery link="file" columns="2"] The HEPS Kinsey was a revolutionary oral simulation system. HEPS took the many feedback from customers and has upgraded the Kinsey into the new HEPS Fantastic System. It is called Fantastic System because it has a vast amount of innovations and features combined into one Fantastic "Oral Simulation" System. The overall appearance and design simulates the entire mouth system of human. However, the ability of Fantastic goes beyond the limitation of the human mouth. HEPS Fantastic is deeper, opens wider, and more stimulating than human. That's why their motto is HEPS' Only Rival is Human. Fantastic continues where Kinse

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  3. New Item Roundup From April

    New Item Roundup From April

    April was quite a busy month at ToyDemon. More than 15 new items were added to our site. Just in case you missed some of the New Arrivals, here is the highlights from April. The biggest news from April was the launch of the new 2012 Magnetic version of HEPS Kinsey. HEPS Kinsey is a new Muliti-System masturbator from Korea. ToyDemon is excited to be the first in USA to carry not only HEPS Kinsey but the newest 2012 Magnetic edition of HEPS Kinsey. It's a system because of all the vast amount of innovations and features in

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