1. ToyDemon 2014 Labor Day Sale

    ToyDemon 2014 Labor Day Sale

    Labor Day weekend is here and we hope everyone in the USA will be enjoying their weekend. To provide more enjoyment to you, ToyDemon is having a Labor Day sale for everyone. From now until September 2nd, 2014, use the following codes to save site wide: $5 off $75 with code: 5-off-labor $10 off $100 with code: 10-off-labor $30 off $200 with code: 30-off-labor Shop at ToyDemon during Labor Day weekend with the Labor Day Sale, then you can enjoy yourself even more when the toys arrive! We are not done yet!!! We kicked off ToysHeart BUY 1 GET 1 HALF OFF promotion for the month of August and it was well received so for this month,

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  2. Video Review: Julia's Onaho! Masturbator Review

    Video Review: Julia's Onaho! Masturbator Review

    The Julia + masturbator from EXE has been a top seller on ToyDemon for awhile now. I would like to stroke my ego and say that my review alone contributed to this fact. However, that's not the case at all. You see, I gave a rather negative review when it came to the Julia +. What does this say about my creditability? A lot! Why do I say this? Why dare I say this? Simple, it's what I have said from the very beginning: Different strokes, for different folks. Other people have loved the Julia +. Hell, even ToyDemon themselves have ranked it among the best toys of 2013. So, when the

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  3. Video Review: Julia + Masturbator

    Video Review: Julia + Masturbator

    The most wondrous thing about my little hobby is being turned on to unfamiliar toy companies. Until recently I have never heard of EXE or their Plus (+) line of onaholes. When I first saw the Julia + on ToyDemon I was instantly intrigued. It was definitely the largest toy with boobs I have ever seen, so naturally I wanted it...badly! My only wish was that the toy would live up to what my mind had created. Luckily for me, It kinda did...in a 50/50 sort of way.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.5/5
    What I like to do before I review a toy is to see what other users though of the toy. I am always curious if users of the toy felt the same way I did after using the toy. The main thing on the
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  4. Video Review: EXE EXTRIP Haruna Hana ???? Masturbator

    Video Review: EXE EXTRIP Haruna Hana ???? Masturbator

    EXE EXTRIP Haruna Hana ???? Review by Jackson Hole

    This time, I have the pleasure of reviewing the EXE EXTRIP Haruna Hana onahole by EXE and E-Body.
    Sensation & Feeling: 4.25/5
    This onahole feels good. It just has a nice tight feeling to it. The internal design caresses the shaft but I was not even 2/3 of the way in as it made too odd of a turn and started rubbing the wrong way on my tip. But the last part was a nice 'pop-through' that caressed the head of my shaft just right.
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  5. Review: Yurika Miyaji +

    Review: Yurika Miyaji +

    Feels good to be back at my computer blogging about one of my great joys, ADULT TOYS!!! I took a short break but now I’m back to review the Yurika Miyaji + brought to you by EXE! This woman is HOT! The box features pictures from one of her adult films “Premium Entertainment AV Debut”. The "+" line of toys from EXE are based off the AV actresses according to ToyDemon. Here are more info

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  6. ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: Yotsuya Illusion 2 Masturbator "Updated With Winner"

    ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: Yotsuya Illusion 2 Masturbator "Updated With Winner"

    This week we are giving away the Yostuya Illusion 2 masturbator. Illusion 2 is an onahole with the same dual layer system as the original. This thin dual layer allows for a more stimulating material on the inside while having a soft material for gripping on the outside. The texturing of Illusion 2 is realistic with flesh-like bumps and grooves. The structure of Illusion 2 is different from the original with its large directional nubs and pleats. This give a great stimulation at every thrusting into the sleeve and a mellower feeling when pulling out. The tightness has also been upgraded from the previous version. MainImage1

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  7. ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: Kurea Hasumi+ Masturbator "Updated With Winner

    ToyDemon Weekly Giveaway: Kurea Hasumi+ Masturbator "Updated With Winner

    This week we are giving away Kurea Hasumi+ Masturbator. "+" is a new series of AV actress sleeves from EXE. The Kurea Hasumi + is a realistic looking sleeve with a 3D hole interior and a closed-hole design. It combines realistic textures with an intricate design to make a unique sensation. To enter the contest, please see below: -Follow us on Twitter and tweet this post. (If you are already a follower, all you need to do is tweet this post.)

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  8. Overview: Julia +

    Overview: Julia +

    Categories like Japanese AV sleeves, body shaped sleeves, and dual layered sleeves have always been popular on ToyDemon. Julia + from the "Plus" series is the first to combine many of the most popular categories into one item. Body shaped hand masturbator like Fairy Onahole and Slut Announcer have always been fan favorites. However, this category has n

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  9. New Series On ToyDemon: Plus+

    New Series On ToyDemon: Plus+

    Here at ToyDemon, we are always on the lookout for great new products and product series. EXE's new "Plus" or "+" series has just had its international debut on ToyDemon with the Haruki Sato+. The Plus series is a set of hand masturbator with elements of both traditional and realistic texturing at an economical price. The Haruki Sato+ has texturing that are nubs at the beginning and changes into a complicated path with realistic looking walls. Haruki Sato + interior picture The many "Choke Points" throughout only adds to the already great des

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