1. Would You Bet $10,000 On Your Coming Marriage?

    Would You Bet $10,000 On Your Coming Marriage?

    Everything seems to cost more nowadays including wedding. For those who firmly believes in their marriage and need a little extra cash, a Seattle-based start-up called SwanLuv is willing to put $10,000 on it. The premise is that SwanLuv will offer qualifying couples up to $10,000 for their wedding on the condition that they stay married. If the marriage ends in divorce, the former couple will be required to pay back all the money plus interest. How much interest you ask? SwanLuv states that the interest rate will be calculated from their own algorithm. Those deemed to have a stronger marriage will have a higher interest rate than those couples with a weaker ones. It's interesting to note that although their entire business model seem to be based on the user's failed marriage, they state that it's more "Everlasting Marriage Deserves to be Rewarded". SwanLuv states that 100% of the money collected from divorces goes back to funding future couple's weddings. They even offer free mar

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  2. Sex Facts And Myths

    Sex Facts And Myths

    There are a lot of sex "facts" out there, some true, others not so much. However it seems to be the false ones that everyone usually remember. So which ones are fact, which are fiction? The knowledge junkies at Metal Floss just released a video on their youtube channel debunking 20 misconceptions about sex. video via Mental Floss If the video didn't satisfy your need for sex facts, here's "15 Not-So-Important Facts About Sex" from of all places removinggenitalwarts.net like chocolate is the least favorite edible underwear flavor. Hm... wonder why. 15 Not-So-Important Facts About Sex Above image courtesy of removinggenitalwarts.net

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