1. Brazilian's Virginity Up For Auction Again

    Brazilian's Virginity Up For Auction Again

    Some of you out there may remember Catarina Migliorini. She's the 21 years old Brazilian woman who a couple of years ago, sold her virginity in an online auction for 780,000 US Dollars. The original auction winner was a Japanese millionaire calling himself "Natsu". This was all going to go down in a secret location and the subject of a film. News of this all went viral back in the day. Even Playboy Brazil got her to pose for them in one of their issues. Fast forward to 2013 and here we are once again. Catarina is telling everyone that the original deal fell through and her virginity is still in tact and is being offered for sale again. She claimed that when she went to meet "Natsu", the supposed 53 years old Japanese man turned out to be a young 21 year old Japanese. Due to issues with the law and disagreement between her and the person who originally set it all up, the deal never went down. This time she's setting up her own site for the auction and setting a reserve for 1 million

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  2. Recent Rise Of Mixed Japanese AV Actress (NSFW)

    Recent Rise Of Mixed Japanese AV Actress (NSFW)

    Within the last 5-6 years, there has been a rise in popularity of mixed Japanese AV Actresses. These ladies with their hybrid looks combined with an erotic body have made many an instant star in Asia. This trend all started with the half Japanese, half French Canadian AV actress Maria Ozawa. Her unique look and hot body allows her to stand out among the sea of Japanese AV actresses. Debuting in 2005, she has became an award winning AV Actress and one of the top favorite with ToyDemon staff and customers. This popularity led to her being used as the first actress ever for the Meiki no Syoumei line. Her realistic replica Meiki Maria Ozawa is still a fan favorite and highly recommended by them

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  3. Wife Tried To Kill Husband With Poisonous Vagina

    Wife Tried To Kill Husband With Poisonous Vagina

    A women in Brazil confessed to trying to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina and asking him to perform oral sex. The husband was about to comply when he detected a strong toxic smell. He rushed to the hospital in fear of dying and had his stomach pumped. Doctors did not find anything inside the husband but the wife was found to have enough poison inside to kill both her and the husband. Next time when your significant other ask you to go down on him/her, be sure to take a whiff first! info via gawker

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