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  1. 2011 A Year in Review (NSFW)

    2011 A Year in Review (NSFW)

    2011 was quite a year for ToyDemon and entire world. In the middle of the year, ToyDemon launch our new site and system. After much blood and sweat, it was finally live to the public. It really wasn't easy and we are still fine tuning everything so please feel free to give us your thoughts on the site. It's a little weird writing about the launch of the new ToyDemon blog since it's already been a month but it was one of the biggest thing for us at the end of the year. This is actually the third blog of ToyDemon. was actually a blog before it was ever a shop. It's been a while since we wrote blog entries so please bare with us as we get back to our blogging w

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  2. Do You Recognize This Pool?

    Do You Recognize This Pool?

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    This looks like any pool but isn't just any pool, this is THE Japanese AV Pool. Fans of Japanese AVs will recognize it easily. This pool shows up constantly in Japanese AVs. We took a quick look through a Japanese DVD catalog and easily confirmed this.

    Maria Ozawa's most recent dip was less than a year ago in Encore Vol. 20 Maria Ozawa. The rest of this place has probably seen just as much screen time and looks like a really sweet place to hang out and party. The location is in Shinjuku, Tokyo and famous for its many areas like its red-light district Kabukich?. It is amazing a place like this is hidden within Tokyo where space is so limited. Maybe ToyDemon can
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