Preview: Hunter Girls and Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution
The holidays are coming and ToyDemon has also a ton of new products in the pipeline. Here's a peek at what's coming next at ToyDemon. Hunter Girls Hunter Girls We're not sure exactly what's going on here from A-One, but we like it! What's interesting is that the logo reminds us of the super popular game "Monster Hunter" from Capcom (If you're a Monster Hunter fan, you should know what we are talking about). As Monster Hunter fans we definitely could not pass up on this product. Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution: Silver/Gold/Platinum The original Meiki Principle from A-One was quite popular on ToyDemon, so of course we can't miss out on these new editions. From the looks of it, all 3 sleeves look vastly different from each other. These toys are on its way to us as we speak. Stay tuned!! Update: Both series are now available!