1. Flash Sale is ON!

    Flash Sale is ON!

    We will be running Flash Sales from time to time with big savings on different items, make sure to check out the items when the Flash Sale banner pops up on our website! Click HERE for the current items on sale.

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  2. FedEx Service Disruption

    FedEx Service Disruption

    Due to severe thunderstorms at FedEx Express' main hub, potential delays are possible for package deliveries across the U.S. with a delivery commitment of June 29, 2018. Please check your tracking for the latest update.

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  3. Site Relaunch Sale

    Site Relaunch Sale

    Well, the switching from the old system to new took a bit longer than we originally planned. Sorry about the delay everyone. To make it up to everyone, we are throwing a huge Site Reopening Sale! Use the coupon code: SITE25 to save 25% off non-preorder items. (not valid for preorder items)

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  4. Reward Points Extended

    Reward Points Extended

    Your points from the previous website will be carried over to the new website. As part of the promotion for the new site reopening, anyone with valid points when the old website went into maintenance will have the expiration date extended to this time next year!

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  5. Grand Redesign Grand Redesign

    ToyDemon has been upgraded and redesigned from the ground up! It's been a few years since we've redesign our website. When we launched the last generation, tons of new features were added and its systems pushed to the max of what it was capable of doing. Our ideas for the site never stopped but as more features were launched on the last version, the more we could see the end of the system was getting closer. After a lot of hard work, we want to welcome everyone to our latest and greatest version of rebuilt using latest technology. This means that your experience on the website is better than ever. With more detailed and better pictures for all products, easier and faster surfing, more informative and educational materials, coupon and promotion are easier than ever to use, and better browsing across all devices and browsers new and old.

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  6. Video Review: Infinity Classic Set

    Video Review: Infinity Classic Set
    There is no question about it now. Toydemon is the number one site to get all of your sex toy needs here in the United States if not the world. However, that is not enough for the fellas down at ToyDemon. They have had their sites on much bigger things as of late. With the release of the Meiki Plush Hip and the Meiki Real it has become increasingly apparent that ToyDemon wants a piece of that toy manufacturing pie. But what is one to do that has not already been done before. Well, I’ll tell ya. You make a toy that is fully customizable to the user. A toy that can change at a flick of the wrist. A toy to end all toys.  That toy of course is the Infinity.
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  7. Video Review: Fuwa Cyun W

    Video Review: Fuwa Cyun W
    What does one say when asked about the strange and unusual Fuwa Cyun W. What possible good things can a mind conjure up after using said toy? I don’t want to be all negatives here but when you are surrounded by them it seems like there is no other choice. I will attempt it however for sake of staying positive and all that jazz. Even though in the long run and the grand scheme of things the Fuwa Cyun W is one of the worst toys I have used in a long time.
    So the Fuwa has a relatively simple concept anyone could get behind. It’s a dual penetrable thorough hole. Allowing the user to decide which end to use. Each end providing a different experience. This is actually pretty ingenious but non
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  8. Video Review: Nama Sotai 02

    Video Review: Nama Sotai 02
    Nama Sotai not to sell work. NAMA! Seventeen five same color T-shirt. WHITE! Get it?! Nama Sotai sounds like ” Mama told me”. Like that Migos song ‘T-Shirt’ ! Get it!?!? No???? Well you try writing intros to written reviews. It isn’t easy friends.  Anyways…lets talk about the Nama Sotai 02 shall we. Ok. SKRT SKRT!!!
    Before I dive in I need to explain myself on something here real quick. In the video review for the Nama Sotai 02 I made a critical error. You see I use a bit of a cheat sheet to the left of the screen. This cheat sheet holds my scores and topics I want to discuss in the review.
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  9. Video Review: Nama Sotai 01

    Video Review: Nama Sotai 01
    We are fast approaching the end of 2017 and here I sit looking back at all the toys that have come across my desk over the year. Some utterly terrible beyond human comprehension and some just plain ‘meh’. Needless to say my loyal reader, this year has been pretty pathetic when it comes to new releases. With that being said imagine my surprise when the Nama Sotai series showed up at my house. On the outside you get an almost Walgreens pharmacy box. Very deceiving for what lies beneath the surface. For what lies inside is probably the best vaginal masturbator I have tried this year. Period.
    Now there are a few things I should have mentioned in the video review that I simply left out. With
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  10. Video Review: Koko's Extreme Sleeves

    Video Review: Koko's Extreme Sleeves
    Let’s face it guys. There isn’t a whole lot a man can do to accentuate his penis. You can man scape and maybe even pierce the thing if you are daring enough. However, in the real world you are pretty much left with what god gave you. Your simple ass wee-wee.  Well I am here to tell you that Kokos, the makers of some of the best hip masturbators on the market to date, have found a solution to your hum drum tally wacker problems. They have designed ten sleeves that you can easily install over your member and give your partner a ride he or she will not soon forget.  SENSATION & FEELING: 4.8/5
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