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Bathmate Hydromax X40 Xtreme - Clear

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ToyDemon is excited to offer the Bathmate penis pumps in our product line. This penis pump is the Bathmate Hydromax X40 Xtreme – Clear.
$ 349.95


Forget about ineffective male enhancement "herbs" that do nothing but irritate your stomach or cheap, air-based penis pumps that painfully pull and tug on the penis. Get the pleasurable, relaxing sensations that you need to enlarge your penis and induce a firm, lasting erection with Bathmate's Hydromax X40 XTreme , a 3rd generation pump 15 percent larger than the Hydromax X30.

Considered by industry experts and customers as the ultimate in penis enlargement pumps that utilize the natural effectiveness of safe and effective hydro-technology, the 3rd Generation Hydromax X40 XTreme generates the precise amount of invigorating suction power needed to stimulate blood flow in erectile tissues and keep blood in these tissues so that erections remain firm, hard and straight.

These superior penis pumps are subjected to rigorous testing by Bathmate engineers to ensure the 3rd generation Hydromax X40 XTreme will withstand approximately 100,000 usage cycles, or three years of normal use.

Reguarly using the Bathmate Hydromax X40 XTreme penis pump 15 minutes each day not only improves erections but also helps enlarge your penis as much as two inches over time. Prolonged use of the Hydromax X40 XTreme will give you noticeable increases in girth and length while reinforcing erection firmness and sustainability.

Some men with erectile dysfunction may also benefit from using the Hydromax X40 XTreme 3rd generation penis pump. ED can affect men of all ages when one or more physical or emotional problems interfere with normal blood circulation or hormone levels. Even young and energetic 20somethings can experience difficulty attaining and keeping an erection because of:

• High cholesterol/blood pressure/atherosclerosis
• Poor circulation caused by diabetes or obesity
• Low levels of testosterone
• Prescription medications that affect blood flow and/or blood pressure
• Substance abuse
• Stress-related depression or mood disorders
• Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem

For men suffering from any one of these health issues, the inability to achieve an erection is frustrating and embarrassing, especially when their doctor tells them that erectile dysfunction is simply a side effect of a medical condition that is not easily treated. Although Hydromax X40 XTreme is primarily a penis enlarger, it is also a stimulating device that may help men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction problems.

Make the decision to start enjoying an exciting, sensual and satisfying sex life by taking charge of a penis that simply does not perform the way you want it to and purchasing  Hydromax X40 XTreme today. Simply use the Hydromax X40 XTreme as instructed for about 15 minutes while taking a shower or bath and use your Bathmate measuring gauge to keep track of the growing length of your penis.

Each Bathmate Hydromax X40 XTreme comes with
• Hose Attachment
• Handball Pump
• Carry Case
• Cleaning Sponge
• Comfort Insert Pad
• Pump Lube
• Security Lock
• Shower Strap

Max Internal Length (uncompressed): 11.5in/29.2cm

Max Internal Width (measured at base): 2.45in

*Use product as directed per manufacturer's instruction to avoid any injuries.


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