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Angel Pocket - Honami Uehara

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eXe is starting off 2014 with some great additions on ToyDemon. The Angel Pocket masturbator is the latest addition for the beginning of 2014.


eXe states on Angel Pocket's package “Angel Pocket is designed to wrap around you like an angel's feather”. This statement from eXe sums up the mellow and tight design of Angel Pocket pretty well.

From the outside, Angel Pocket has a bar bell shape exterior. This outer design place more pressure in the middle of the hole during use. The entrance of the sleeve is small circular hole that concave into the sleeve. The small entrance help to retain lotion while the concave curve make inserting into the sleeve easier.

The interior of the sleeve is separated into two different halves. The beginning half has small rib textures along a varying width tunnel. This creates a mellow and hugging sensation around you. Pass the mid-point and the textures changes to tiny nubs for more stimulation than the first half. The tunnel widen a bit at the very end to increase vacuum sensation. Simply squeeze the air out of the hole as you enter to maximize the suction and the hugging sensation of Angel Pocket. Featuring the angelic Honami Uehara on the cover, Angel Pocket wants to invite you to its world of pleasure.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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