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Anal Wife Beyond

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Anal Wife Beyond is a new sleeve simulating anal sex from a new company called Ride Japan.



The Anal Wife Beyond masturbator is all about the anal experience. It provides this experience with it unique internal design and material. The material of Anal Wife Beyond is very stretchy with a good tension in the material. This allow the masturbator to give you a tight experience of the anal wall. The interior of the tunnel is separated in three sections, the realistic looking entrance, a tight middle pathway, and a vacuum chamber at the end.

The entrance of Anal Wife Beyond has many vein and skin wrinkle looking textures to get you excited. The smaller opening at the beginning of the tunnel helps retain lotion during use. The middle section of the tunnel is tighter with numerous bumps and vein like ribs in different direction to simulate the flesh feeling. At the very end of the tunnel, you will find the vacuum chamber. Simply squeeze the air out as you enter to maximize the suction feeling of the item.

The outside of the masturbator has many bumps allowing you to easily hold the sleeve in different positions. Made in Japan by Ride Japan, Anal Wife Beyond is definitely a welcomed addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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