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Anal Sensei

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A-One released many parody toys for the latter end of 2012. Anal Sensei (from comic with the same name) is the latest parody item with some awesome looking textures.
$ 24.95


Anal Sensei (Anal Teacher) looks wicked from the outside, with veins crisscrossing the item between large textured bumps. The twist here is that this cool texture is actually the interior wall! Simply flip the hole inside out to start using this masturbator with all those bumps and groove you just saw. This inside-out design also makes the sleeve very tight. If you don't flip it inside out, the walls are nice and smooth for a very mellowing experience. It's like you are getting two different holes for one price.

After use, cleaning is simple as you can flip it back around for rinsing and air drying.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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