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An Innocent Relationship Vol. 1

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An Innocent Relationship Vol. 1
Artist: Takumi Kobayashi


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The twenty five year old Tadashi Kimijima has never had a full-time job. Graduated late from a third-rate university. He makes his way in life through his part-time job as a mover. It's during his stint as a mover that Tadashi meets the lovely Kana. A talented and intelligent career women, and unexpectdly has sex with her! Moved by Kana's beauty and unsatisfied with where he is in life, Tadashi applies for a full-time job at the Izumo Sports Company. There's only one problem: Kana is his interviewer! As if that wasn't bad enough. Tadashi just can't stop thinking about her ever since the night they spent together. All Tadashi ever wanted in life was a beautiful girl and full-time job. Can he have both?!


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