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A10 Piston

The R-1 Attachment: A10 Piston is finally here! Featuring innovations from years of research and development, A10 Piston is an electric masturbator offering great state-of-the-art stimulation through it back and forth motion.

*Rends' R-1 Controller and access to AC power is needed for this product to operate (R-1 Controller sold separately).



The R-1 Attachment A10 Piston is finally finished. After being in development for many years and going through many generations of prototypes, Rends is finally satisfied with the A10 Piston.

The R-1 controller (sold separately here) is required to operate the A10 Piston. The technology of the R-1 controller allows for 49 different combined settings for the A10 Piston. The center pause button is useful for those who wishes to do stamina training.

The A10 Piston's inner piston component is designed with even weight distribution throughout. This weight balancing helps keep backlashes to a minimum when the Inner Cup moves back and forth. Also, the motion of the A10 Piston is contained entirely within its outer casing. This sophisticated design along with the exchangeable inner cup system and adjustable length makes the A10 Piston very user friendly.

This exchangeable inner cup system of the A10 Piston uses disposable inserts to be completely hygienic. Each insert can be cleaned a limited number of times for re-usability. The A10 Piston comes with one S/M Ribbed Inner Cup.

The A10 Piston is the first AC Powered R-1 attachment in order to create a strong piston motion. This strong AC powered piston motion will give you a different stimulation unlike any attachment before it.

*Please note the unit does make considerable noise during operation.

**Rends' R-1 Controller and access to AC power is needed for this product to operate (R-1 Controller sold separately).

For hygienic purposes and ultimate ease of use, the A10 Piston Inner Cup is a disposable item. However we do understand that some customers may want to reuse the Inner cup. The following is found to be the easiest method for washing the Inner Cup. Note that any attempt at cleaning may damage the Inner Cup and that it is done at your own risk. The possible resulting damage to the Inner cup will not be considered a defect.

How to clean R-1 A10 Piston inner cup

Stretch the Inner Cup's lip over the edge of the plastic container to keep the foam from getting wet when cleaning.

Easy cleaning the R-1 A10 Piston inner cup

Rinse out everything with water for 45 seconds. Shake out standing water from within the cup and un-stretch the lip back to the original state.
*Warning: Never leave the lip stretched for more than a minute.

RENDS R-1 Controller

Additional Information

TD Rating 4 of 5
Designed In Japan
Brands Rends
Material Elastomer, Plastic
Attachment For R-1 Controller
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 11.2 x 4.13 x 4.13
Special Features Piston Action
Warranty N/A
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Total : 9 Reviews
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Great toy for the average sized guy. Review by Justin
Feels incredible.
Lots of speed and motion settings.
Hands free.
Honestly, for the price, it's not a bad value.

Not for the well endowed.
Power cord could be longer.
Doesn't run well in a vertical position.

The best way that I can describe this thing is as a blowjob machine. The cup moves back and forth and basically just sucks away on your penis. I've cum faster and harder using this than any other toy I own.

There are a couple of keys to getting the most out of this thing. First off, make sure you screw the cup into place, I forgot to do this the first time I used it, and didn't work very well. The cup holder would slide back and forth on the cup and not move the cup much. Second, lube the hell out it. It needs to be able to slide back on forth on you, which doesn't work well dry. Third, it doesn't run very well vertically, so no lying down when using it.

As to size, I'm an even six long and four and half around, the medium to large cup works well on me, and the small to medium is a bit too tight. If you're overly large, the motor might not be able to handle you.

The biggest con I've found is that it's very loud, especially at higher settings. You can muffle it a little bit with a blanket or pillow if you have to. But if discretion is important for you, you may want another toy. Someone might not know what all the noise is, but they'll definitely notice it. Also, it's fairly large, so if you want it out of site, you'll need a decent sized area to hide it away in.

Aside from that, it's a hell of a good time. If you don't mind spending the money, this is the best hands free toy I've tried, and I'd recommend it to anyone, as long as they can fit into it. (Posted on May 8, 2014)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Value
Cons: Quality

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not bad, but needs more work Review by harold
a well made toy that feels great with or without power.
as noted though the motor seems rather weak especially on low to mid settings.
if u have a thick "member" forget about using the motor function, because it just won't work.
it's no venus 2000, but not a bad attempt. (Posted on April 15, 2014)

Pros: Sensation, Quality
Cons: Usability, Value

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Best Accessory to the R1 system Review by 0ppa
This is way better than the Cyclone in my opinion.

It isn't perfect but it definitely is a great product if you want an electric (automatic) system to go with your collection; or if you just don't want to use the manual labor sleeves =)

I don't know why but sometimes, on the lower settings it struggles to get enough power. Possibly need more lotion or voltage mismatch (should be getting 100V, not 120V) I did notice that if I angle a certain way, it has an easier time moving though~

Otherwise, this is an awesome product. Sensation is good, has some suction too and not as noisy as the Cyclone. (Posted on January 2, 2014)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality

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I like it Review by RW
It is bigger than I expected and I can not speak to how long it will last but it is pleasant to use. I think you may have to lengthen the tube if stops working when you insert yourself. That is probably a deliberate feature.

(Posted on December 24, 2013)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Value
Cons: Quality

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Poor toy by itself, can be tweaked to be better but poor wiring. Review by El

The sleeves are not that good. The motor is weak and will have a hard time at slow speeds. The wiring is horrible. I bought this about 3-4 months ago and a wire came loose. I toke it appear just to find out why it stopped working.


Although the motor is weak and the sleeves are bad, you can take apart the cup/sleeve and add one you like, however that sleeve must be light and fit into the cup. You can use that white piece to help fasten it. But this is to be used at your own risk. It can over stress the motor and stop working. It didn't happen to me, instead the wire came loose when being used, probably because the wiring wasn't set properly and got pulled out. (Posted on November 16, 2013)

Pros: Usability
Cons: Sensation, Quality, Value

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