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Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa

You now can experience Meiki no Syoumei Maria Ozawa masturbator, one of the Japan's most popular AV actresses. This Meiki Ozawa replica was produced in Japan by scanning her entire clitoris and vagina, creating details unmatched by other sex toys and masturbators and is what makes the Meiki Ozawa special.


The Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa edition has created one of the biggest buzz in the Japan adult toy industry since its launch. This Meiki Ozawa's patented material is the closest thing compared to human skin that one can purchase in the toy market.The mold for Meiki no Syoumei Maria Ozawa was produced by scanning Maria Ozawa's entire clitoris and vagina (most masturbators only replicate the clitoris).

Everybody here at ToyDemon was blown away by the realism and the attention to detail of this Meiki. Also included is the Maria Ozawa Love Potion.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

Meikino Syoumei Care and Use Guide picture

Additional Information

TD Rating 5 of 5
Designed In Japan
Brands NPG
Material PVC (phthalate free)
Usability Reusable
Simulation Vaginal
# of Holes One
Construction Single Layer
Hole Design Closed Hole
Lotion Included Yes
Softness 8
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 6.5 x 4 x 4
Tunnel Dimension (in.) No
Special Features AV Actress
Warranty None
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Nice product Review by rabbits
Very nice material. Soft and expands nicely. Amazing sensations. The only problem I had with this was cleaning. Sometimes the little bumps and stuff would come off, but maybe its just the way I handle it. In my personal opinion its a little pricey, as also stated by the others. (Posted on January 28, 2015)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality

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Too Strechy & Floppy :( Review by Pikachu
This toys material felt pleasurable and almost real when I first inserted but as I started stoking the thing just started flopping around like a dead fish. My banana shaped dick looked like it was going to pop out the side of the thin inner wall. I don't think this toy was meant for banana shaped cocks. I think the Meiki Real is Waaaaaay Better!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on January 23, 2015)

Pros: Sensation
Cons: Usability, Quality, Value

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Not as good as the ZXY Review by Qualm
I didn't like the Ozawa very much, since I was spoiled by the ZXY. However, the lotion that comes with the Ozawa was nice. The ZXY is much more soft and floppy than then the ZXY, which was nice, but did not give me as much sensation as I wanted. The ZXY would massage me, but the Ozawa just provided friction.

For the price, the Ozawa just isn't worth it. Get the ZXY instead. (Posted on January 20, 2015)

Pros: Usability, Quality
Cons: Sensation, Value

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Poor craftsmanship Review by Robert
Yes, feels incredible until as others have mentioned the interior splits or tears. This was one of 3 Meiki's I purchased on the same order; hey, I wanted a variety to see what I liked :)

The texturing is incredible so they got that right. My Ozawa doesn't have the offset issue or thin material problems I've seen reviewers have. It does have an odd industrial smell though which seems to be par for the course. Not overwhelming but noticeable.

I purchased the ZXY, Ozawa and Up at the same time. The ZXY has horrible separating problems with the inner lining, the Up has almost no internal surface texturing (the contours are there but the surface is almost smooth like a fleshlight) so the Ozawa was my last best hope for peace (or piece as it were).

Little bits of material have started coming off the interior surface, which I guess some is to be expected. The slight splitting at the entrance is not terrible but having to hold it open to properly clean and dry it leaves me guessing just how soon it will finally tear all the way into the inside.

So overall: the sensation is better than the other sleeves I have. The ZXY was incredible as well until the inner lining split and separated. So it was a tie between the MO and the ZXY for a while between which had that "damn! that feels good" factor. The MO does feel incredible.

I feel that for the price point, the Meiki's should have a far greater durability than has been experienced. I'm careful about taking care of my gear/toys when it comes to maintenance, cleaning and storing. I bought those Meiki bags so I could keep each one in its own and used corn-starch inside and out. The material is soft but flakes to easily. Whatever substance that is causing the smell (out of the box and continuing to this day) from the material is a mystery.

I won't ever buy another Up/Down or ZXY (horrible construction) and unless they drop the price for such a poorly made product I won't buy another MO. At this point, 3 out of 3 being bad or having issues, I don't think the Meiki line deserves my business. Maybe it was inadequately trained personnel, bad molds, bad material or just a casual disregard for proper QA. I just know for $300 I got 3 products that don't meet the quality/value threshold I expected from Meiki.

Lot's of hype about their products as others have mentioned but in the real world their product just doesn't live up to it.

Maybe at a $20-$40 range, but at $80, no way. (Posted on January 15, 2015)

Pros: Sensation, Usability
Cons: Quality, Value

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Feels amazing Review by James
This thing feels amazing. Much better than fleshlights. You wouldn't think that the tiny bumps would provide much stimulation but the bumps along with the tightness give an amazing experience. Never going back to fleshlights after this. The fact that it was modelled after Maria Ozawa's actual vagina makes mastubatory sessions even hotter. The only drawback is cleaning it. Since it's closed ended it takes alot more time and effort to clean it out. And it takes A LOT more time to dry out since the canal is tighter. You also have to be careful when cleaning it because if you spread the opening too much you can tear it. Other than those few drawbacks I love it. Thanks toydemon. (Posted on January 8, 2015)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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How private is shipping with this product?
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Hi, can I ask if this masturbator is condom friendly? As most condoms are pre-lubricated? Thanks.
can i turn this inside out to clean ?

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